There is perhaps the most perfect of word combinations that describes change. The word belies the complexities of it's meanings like iceberg. 

Moving from one state to another is the act that sits in the folds behind the words change. Evolution is another word. Transition a topical yet worthy word to describe change. Where these words break down in their synonymity is that they fail to convey that thing which makes change such a daunting prospect. Speed. Change is speed - evolution at break neck speed of a million years a limb, of mountains transitioning into grains of desert sand. Change is inevitability. 

Sublimation. From one state to another, without going through the bit in the middle. Finding yourself in the dark brown lumpy creak with a paddle but not know how to hold, and steering badly, so very very badly. 

I got a new job. 

Librarian no more.

Sublimation in the dark brown lumpy creak. 
Thankfully the paddle is new. For now.